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The Ohio Black Press in the 19th Century

Ohio Standard and Observer (1897-1890?, Xenia)



Ohio Standard and Observer (1897-1890?, Xenia)


D.H.V. Purnell

Location created

Xenia, Ohio






Library of Congress


Directory of US Newspapers in American Libraries


Newspaper 7001 10347100


Public domain; Courtesy of the Library of Congress


The Ohio Standard and Observer was published weekly in Xenia and Wilberforce, Ohio, starting in 1897. Its publisher was the Standard Publishing Co. in which Jordan Robb served as a president, John W. Leach as a vice president, W.S. Rogers as a secretary, and Dr. H.R. Hawkins as treasurer. The paper’s editor and manager was a local pastor, D. H. V. Purnell. The newspaper also had a solid team of ten contributing staff members: Bishops B. F. Lee, B. W. Arnett, Profs. T. D. Scott, Geo. F. Woodson, Joseph P. Shorter, W. S. Scarborough, Pres. S. T. Mitchell, Dr. J. M. Townsend, Dr. L. M. Haygood, and Rev. T. L. Wilson. Reflecting the vibrant team of the editor and contributors mainly as a result of its close relation to Wilberforce University nearby, the content of the Ohio Standard and Observer covered a broad range of domestic and international politics, education, local news, science, literature, and advertisements. Their motto was “Right and Justice to All; Special Privileges to None.” One copy survived: Vol. 3, no. 19, on Saturday, January 27, 1900. Its ending date is unclear.

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